Tata Photon 3G

  Tata Photon 3G Postpaid Plans
  Basic Offers
  SmartLife Plans   Monthly Rental   Inbuilt dat FAT *   Speed (Upto)*
  3G Dongle 250 Plan   Rs. 250   1 GB   7.2 Mbps
  3G Dongle 450 Plan   Rs. 450   2 GB   7.2 Mbps
  Unlimited Offers
  SmartLife Plans   Monthly Rental   Speed Level 1*   Speed Level 2*   Money Back
  (Bill Value Discount)
  3G Dongle 6GB @ 1000 Plan   Rs. 1000   Up to 7.2Mbps for first 6GB   Beyond bundled usage
  speed up to 128 Kbps
  150 x 12 months
  3G Dongle 11GB @ 1250 Plan   Rs. 1250   Up to 7.2Mbps for first 11GB
  3G Dongle 15GB @1550 Plan   Rs. 1550   Up to 7.2Mbps for first 15GB
  3G Don 15GB @2000 Plan   Rs. 2000   Up to 21.1Mbps For the first 15GB   500 x 8 months
  (with HSPA Dongle)
  Pay As You Go
  Pay As You Go Plans   Monthly Rental   Bundled Free Usage   Usage Charges (in kb)   Speed (Upto)*
  3G Don PAYG plan 750   Rs. 300   0.5GB   1p/50kb   7.2 Mbps   
  3G Don PAYG plan 1250   Rs. 300   0.5GB   1p/50kb   7.2 Mbps   
  Advance Rental Plan
  Advance Rental Plan   Package Amount
  Including Service Tax
  Subscription Period   Bundled Usage(GB/
  Rental post
  6 Months (`/Month)
  Speed (Upto)*
  3G Don RET - ARP 5000   Rs. 5000   6 months   5GB*   950      7.2 Mbps   
  Data charging Scenarios
  Description   Home Network   On Net Roaming   Off Net Roaming
2G 3G 2G 3G 2G 3G
  Data charging- Usage based offers   1p/20kb   1p/20kb   1p/20kb   1p/20kb   10p/10kb   10p/10kb
  Data charging- Unlimited offers   NA   NA   NA   NA   10p/10kb      10p/10kb   


  1. Data card price varies according to location. 3g data card get enable anytime as it provides plug and play feature, anywhere you can get instant high speed wireless connectivity, across more than 800 cities in india.

  2. Tata docomo 3g provides very good internet service in pune & across india. recently we purchase the broadband connection with 1000 plan & 21 mbps speed. its work very nice.


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