Tata Photon 3G

  Tata Photon 3G Postpaid Plans
  Basic Offers
  SmartLife Plans   Monthly Rental   Inbuilt dat FAT *   Speed (Upto)*
  3G Dongle 250 Plan   Rs. 250   1 GB   7.2 Mbps
  3G Dongle 450 Plan   Rs. 450   2 GB   7.2 Mbps
  Unlimited Offers
  SmartLife Plans   Monthly Rental   Speed Level 1*   Speed Level 2*   Money Back
  (Bill Value Discount)
  3G Dongle 6GB @ 1000 Plan   Rs. 1000   Up to 7.2Mbps for first 6GB   Beyond bundled usage
  speed up to 128 Kbps
  150 x 12 months
  3G Dongle 11GB @ 1250 Plan   Rs. 1250   Up to 7.2Mbps for first 11GB
  3G Dongle 15GB @1550 Plan   Rs. 1550   Up to 7.2Mbps for first 15GB
  3G Don 15GB @2000 Plan   Rs. 2000   Up to 21.1Mbps For the first 15GB   500 x 8 months
  (with HSPA Dongle)
  Pay As You Go
  Pay As You Go Plans   Monthly Rental   Bundled Free Usage   Usage Charges (in kb)   Speed (Upto)*
  3G Don PAYG plan 750   Rs. 300   0.5GB   1p/50kb   7.2 Mbps   
  3G Don PAYG plan 1250   Rs. 300   0.5GB   1p/50kb   7.2 Mbps   
  Advance Rental Plan
  Advance Rental Plan   Package Amount
  Including Service Tax
  Subscription Period   Bundled Usage(GB/
  Rental post
  6 Months (`/Month)
  Speed (Upto)*
  3G Don RET - ARP 5000   Rs. 5000   6 months   5GB*   950      7.2 Mbps   
  Data charging Scenarios
  Description   Home Network   On Net Roaming   Off Net Roaming
2G 3G 2G 3G 2G 3G
  Data charging- Usage based offers   1p/20kb   1p/20kb   1p/20kb   1p/20kb   10p/10kb   10p/10kb
  Data charging- Unlimited offers   NA   NA   NA   NA   10p/10kb      10p/10kb